The Value Of Vehicle Wraps

How Vehicle Wraps Can Give Your Business The Boost It Needs

2021-10-29Updated: 2021-12-28 Mesquite Signs & Wraps

Over the past few decades, business advertisements have taken a completely new approach. With an increasing number of individuals sometimes opting to evade printed media, some of the old-style methods of marketing a product brand to potential clients have become less effective. And Mesquite Signs is rising to the occasion.

Pop-up ads and side ads on videos are nowhere near as efficient as the traditional approaches of advertisements. With the increase in pop-up blocking software, many of these ads go unseen by potential customers. For any organization looking for new methods of advertising their company's name or brand to customers, vehicle wraps are one of the most recommended methods. 

What are Vehicle Wraps? 

Vehicle wraps are digitally-printed, portable billboards. Our professionals at Mesquite Signs carefully craft businesses' advertisements using the graphical design software, then print them on vinyl film, which we then install to a vehicle. 

It doesn't matter if you’re driving down the highway or parking outside a local shop; if your vehicle is visible, the vehicle wrap is doing its job of effective marketing. Additionally, vehicle wraps are one of the lowest maintenance advertising techniques businesses can use for marketing.

The Benefits Of Vehicle Wraps To Your Business

There are several benefits an organization or business can get by investing in vehicle wraps:

  • Exposure: Since most individuals use cars for transportation in different demographics, businesses can brand their vehicles with car wraps to market product brands to people. Everyone who they pass on the road will be exposed to their business name.
  • Versatility: Vehicle wraps can produce great results for any size business: big, medium or small businesses can all capitalize with this low-cost, high-return form of marketing.
  • Budget-friendly: In comparison to other marketing techniques, vehicle wraps are pretty pocket-friendly. The incredible thing is that your business name will be seen by customers no matter where the vehicle is parked or driving. So for a one-time cost, your business will gain traction with new customers time and time again, just by being parked or driving on the road.
  • Consistency: Unlike the radio or TV commercials, no one can turn off car wraps. Hence, product brands are consistently displayed to target customers.
  • Easily Removable: If you plan to change a particular brand, get an update to your logo or want to market your business’ newest product, you can do it quickly because vehicle wraps are easily removable. A bad starter surface, using the wrong vinyl, or improper wrap care makes it difficult to remove the wraps and can even damage the vehicle's exterior. At Mesquite Signs, our professionals know exactly how to install the wrap so it won’t cause damage to your vehicle in the long run
  • Professionalism: Travelling in a car that is branded according to the organization's guidelines makes customers trust the brand or company and gives legitimacy to the product based on the professional installation of the vehicle wrap.

Are vehicle wraps effective? 

Although vehicle wraps might not be the first marketing technique that comes to mind for business owners, based on statistics, they are proven to be effective.

  • One vehicle wrap can generate a massive exposure of about 30,000-70,000 impressions in one day. 
  • Vinyl wraps are also capable of generating 2.5 times more attention than any billboard.
  • The information displayed on outdoor portable billboards has a 97% recall rate. 

How Much Do Vehicle Wraps Cost? 

The cost of your vehicle wrap is dependent on a few factors. For instance, the size of the vehicle you want to cover, and the number of vehicles you would like to wrap, weighs on the cost of services. 

The professionals at Mesquite Signs always include the graphic design, printing service and installation in the cost of your vehicle wrap. In our time serving the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, we are known to have competitive prices. 

At Mesquite Signs, we also know how important it is to stand out when there are so many businesses to choose from. That’s why we guarantee our installation will be seamless and smooth, and eye-catching to anyone on the road. From Mesquite, to Dallas, to Plano, To Forth Worth, your business will stand out no matter where you go.