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A vehicle wrap from Mesquite Signs & Wraps is essentially a giant sticker that is applied to a car, truck, bus, van, trailer or any other type of vehicle for the purpose of advertising or to change the vehicle’s appearance. Vehicle wraps can be applied to an entire vehicle or to particular areas of the vehicle. To give the wrap a longer life expectancy, a UV laminate is applied over the vinyl. A vehicle wrap is not permanent and can be removed or changed at your discretion. If taken care of properly, a vehicle wrap can last in the range of 5-7 years.

Average CPM for different advertising types

  • Television – $23.70
  • Magazine – $21.46
  • Newspaper – $19.70
  • Radio – $7.75
  • Billboard – $3.56
  • Vehicle Wrap – $.48

Why Get a Vehicle Wrap?

Advertising your business is a very costly venture. Billboard advertising is in the range of $3,000 per month. Radio and television commercials can be just as expensive, depending on the station to which you are advertising on. The value of an advertisement is measured in its Cost Per Thousand (CPM). A vehicle wrap is basically a billboard on wheels and is seen by as many as 2,000 people per day depending on the area you are in.

Your wrap goes everywhere that you go. A restaurant or retail area such as a shopping mall would not allow you to place a sign at their place if business, but with a vehicle wrap, you can park your vehicle on site and let the wrap advertise for you in a high volume area!

Full Wrap vs Partial Wrap

Debating on getting a full wrap versus a partial wrap all comes down to budget and what you are willing to spend. The price for a wrap depends on the size of the areas being covered. Pickup trucks and vans usually have a larger area to wrap than a car and would will be more expensive. A partial wrap can give you as much engagement as a full wrap, but it all comes down to your preference. Reach out to us at Mesquite Signs & Wraps and we can discuss getting your car or truck wrapped in your brand graphics today!

Spot Graphics

Wanting to create a buzz while on the road but don't want to wrap your vehicle? We also offer spot graphic which can still have the desired effect, but will be more cost effective and won't cover your entire vehicle. Our graphic design team can work on the perfect size and images to ensure that even your spot graphic will make heads turn on the road and get your business the exposure you're looking for. 

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